Duck Brook Community Orchard

This site of around 10 acres site that is currently mainly grassland.

It is leased from the County Council on a long term tenure to Worcester Community Land Cooperative.

Currently the site has 35 allotments and 30 cider apple trees.

There is a lot of work going on,

  • The area around the pond is being reinstated, with the scrub and undergrowth around it is being cleared
  • The existing fences and old buildings are being taken down
  • Access to the site is being developed
  • The grass lands are being managed
  • Paths for dog walkers and exercise are being marked out and cleared.
  • Areas for enhanced biodiversity are being worked on.

We have a lot of upcoming opportunites to get involved in.

  • Every 1st Saturday of the month – Work Day and usually BBQ
  • November to February – Tree and hedge planting

Please get in touch with us if you want to get involved.


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  1. Hi
    We are involved with the community orchard at Tysoe. James spoke to George Stepney in our village about touching base. I will be at the Orchard Conference at 3 counties Friday 17th ( Otherwise we are having a wassail on Jan 17th.
    Mike Sanderson

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