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Planting Day 11th February 2012

Help plant an orchard on 11 Feb 10:00am

Worcester Community Land Coop is planting an orchard in Cherry Orchard next to Battenhall Fields and Cherry Orchard Primary School. Come along and help us plant a tree and transform a wasteland into a valuable community resource.
Bring warm clothes, sturdy boots, work gloves and a positive attitude. If you have access to a spade or pickaxe please bring it. There may be some hot cider for those who work hard! 
Bring your own mug for tea, coffee and cider.
The day will be fun and we will find plenty for people to do across the rest of the site also.
The site will not be accessible by vehicle directly. Please use the public footpaths. Access will be clearly defined.
Please get in touch for more information. Find details on our contact page.

Sponsor a tree at WCLC

In order to create the fruit orchard at the Cherry orchard site we are putting out a call for people or groups who would like to sponsor a tree.

We are looking to plant more than 100. The trees will be producing apples for juice and cider by around 2014 if we can get them planted this winter. We are planning to source a variety of trees and apple types.


You will receive a certificate that details your tree number, its variety and exact location (gps). If you want to help plant your tree we will let you know when it will be planted.

You can donate using a credit/debit card or a paypal account

Young tree (1yr)  – £10

A young tree that will take some time to produce fruit (4-5 years) costs around £10.

Young tree

Mature tree – £25

A more mature tree (3-4 years old) that would allow us to start producing cider in around 2 years costs around £25

standard tree